Old Stuff

Here is a bunch of links to old game hacks, half-baked ideas, and other design ephemera…

World of Shadows

Click to download.


Here’s a simple game I made for my buddies. Based off of the online graphic novel for the Playstation Pocket called NYC2123 by Chad and Paco Allen.

NYC2123: A Story Telling Game


This is a simple Shadowrun themed hack of the Redbox/Old School Hack games.

A shadowrun hack.

Perilous Worlds

An early pre-cursor to WARG; basically a D&D-style game with PbtA skill checks and combat done Old School Hack style.

I Am A Survivor

This is a simple two page game for post-apocalyptic role-playing. Kind of has a zombie-theme.


7 Deadly Secrets

A game of samurai and shinobi, based on World of Dungeons.

7 Deadly Secrets

Star worlds

My Star Wars themed hack, again, WOD.

Star Worlds: Streets of Mos Eisley