Free Hex grid pattern files for mapping and hexcrawls

I’m taking a quick breather from working on The Evils of Illmire Kickstarter to post these files because I couldn’t find anything like them when I searched. Maybe I’m searching the wrong way, or I just suck at searching or something. I don’t know what to tell you but if you search ‘hex grid’ or ‘hex map pattern’ or ‘hex crawl mapping resources’ or all the other important keywords on Google, all you get are links to big goofy stock art sites with a bunch of files that don’t give you a nice hex grid for mapping.

So I made a pattern in Illustrator for hex mapping. It’s what I used to make this free, simple, generic hex map. But I’ll bet somebody out there is figuring out how to make a hex map and lacks the tools or just hasn’t yet had the chance to learn how to make that nifty pattern themselves. Or maybe you totally could do it but you’re too lazy. That was me, but I didn’t have this resource. But you do, so use these files to make hex maps from.

Here is a zip to all the hex resource files.
Included are an .ai swatch you can use for your own pattern, plus all the fun export options you know and love: eps, svg, jpg, png, pdf, and ait.

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