The Evils of Illmire

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THE EVILS OF ILLMIRE: A Mini-Mega Hexcrawl Adventure is a 64-page dark fantasy adventure for 4-6 player characters level 1-3. Compatible with B/X, Labyrinth Lord, and Old School Essentials.

My favorite types of adventure modules have always been the ones that provide not just a central plot, but also robust peripheral content to surround it. Adventurers will probably get involved in the main quest, but there are a lot of other things to keep them busy in the nearby areas too. Interesting creatures, locales, dungeons, and treasures abound in these types of modules. PCs are free to explore and meddle in a sandbox environment with many interactive parts. This is an attempt to capture that and mash it down into a digestible zine format that is actually useful and inspires the Game Master.

Project Roots: The core concept and bulk of the ideas come from a classic 2nd Edition campaign I ran in the summer of 1997. I’ve since then revisited the content and added a number of other points of interest to create an adventure region stocked with dungeons, monsters, and treasures, all with an underlying sandbox plot that doesn’t railroad. Traps are vicious and brutal. Adventurers will find classic +1 swords alongside a myriad of weird and interesting artifacts hidden in dangerous spots around the map. They’ll clash with and flee from familiar monsters and a bunch of new creepy things.

Adventure Synopsis: A cult has begun to infiltrate to town of Illmire, spreading paranoia and terrorizing the locals with fear-mongering in order to feed their demonic idol. The cult worships an extra dimensional demon they found in some ruins in the nearby swamp. Lured by mysterious rumors of treasure out in the wilds, adventurers face an uphill battle against organized and fanatical zealots lead by vile, sorcerous clerics. They’ll stop at nothing to further their diabolical schemes, and the people of Illmire will be crushed beneath their boot as they launch a campaign of torment and terror that will spread far beyond Illmire unless put to a stop.

Product Features: This will be a 64-page zine, A5 format (5.5×8.5). It will contain a small hexcrawl with 19 distinct hexes, each with details and a wandering monster table. There is a map of the town of Illmire, as well as 15 detailed, one-page locations/dungeons (cartography is by Dyson Logos). In addition, there is a bestiary for the adventure featuring some new monsters for adventurers to fight or run from. There is a simple weather system (so easy you’ll actually want to use it!) to determine which hexes are experiencing rain, thunderstorms, floods, mudslides, blizzards, etc. There’s awesome black & white artwork to help inspire terror. It’s laid out in professional, clear, concise format meant to be quick and easy to use on game night.